Lokki’s story

Lokki (Finnish for ‘seagull’) has been developing its operating model since the 1990s, when a construction company from Lahti came up with the name — inspired by the tenacity, enterprise and cooperation shown by seagulls. The name is still apt today. A memorable, marketing feel was added when the company was rechristened Markkinointi Lokki Oy (Markkinointi is Finnish for ‘marketing’). The company initially focused on three areas: construction contracts, recruitment services and accounting services. Markkinointi Lokki Oy earned a good reputation among construction companies.

After the company’s acquisition in 2005 by its former CEO, Unto Suksi, its name was changed again to reflect its activities: to Rakennus Lokki Oy (‘Rakennus’ is Finnish for ‘construction’). Accounting services were no longer provided, and contracting was discarded a couple of years later. The new focus was on providing even higher-quality recruitment services for construction, industrial and various service enterprises. So the company changed its name again, to Lokki Henkilöstöpalvelut Oy (Finnish for ‘Seagull Recruitment Services’), in 2009.

Lokki now employs several recruitment consultants around Finland. Maria Tanner became CEO in 2020, with Unto Suksi staying closely involved as a business developer.

Lokki has created long-standing employee and customer relationships along the way. Many of our customers and employees go back to 2005, which testifies to our long-term approach. We aim to expand our recruitment services into other parts of Finland, particularly growth centres.

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